Dawnpoint Complete!

Finally, this is about as complete as I am going to make it at this time. I present the (probably) final Dawnpoint map. I stripped away the building numbers so it wasn’t as cluttered. Enjoy.



Dawnpoint Map Update

As the ideas floating around in my whirlwind of a brain become more concrete, aspects of my source material are becoming finalized. Here is where I stand with my Dawnpoint redo. I was up very late yet again last night working on this map and I have hours to go. The roads/path areas still need work, and I really haven’t gotten to the foliage yet as I am still trying to master Jonathan Roberts’ tricks and tips. His blog is http://fantasticmaps.wordpress.com/ and the name says it all. He is one of the Cartographers I idolize and I have spent insanely frustrating hours trying to emulate him.

I really need to learn PhotoShop. Everything on this blog relating to maps is done with Paint.net or Dundjinni.

Irregardless (just for you Morga)… I present Dawnpoint.. sans foliage and with the town council still in hot debate over the color of their cobblestones and paths.