The Old Silo

Forced to weather the storm after delivering the noble home, the characters sought shelter in an old tower which used to be some form of silo. Inside, they were met by some diseased, overgrown Whiptail Centipedes of which I had purchased the mini’s specifically for this encounter. It did not have the ‘yuck’ or wow factor I had hoped for but it was a fun encounter. They searched the base of the tower below a broken floor only to find a giant stone gear. There was nowhere near the interest in my plot device as I had hoped so I let that storyline die with the centipedes. They did find a secret room with a collection of belongings and a diary/journal of a bard left there hastily some sixty years ago, the owner never making it back from his attempt to spirit away his love from the evil mansion he had come to call Misgivings.

Our sessions have turned into a tad over an hour and a half to two hours of playtime about once or twice a month, so it is really disjointed at times. I find myself planning our sessions around a single combat with some extras if there is time, and this is by far my most hated form of gaming. Tabletop RPGs to me are about character and story development with the unfortunate side effect of having dice driven combat. I have fallen into the trap of telling my story in-between staged encounters.  (ie- read much less passion and desire to play) It is too bad really. I have a very fun, if small, group.

The next time we played I had them encounter a wounded Pegasus in flight, which crashed into a nearby tree line while trying to escape from something. When they reached the unfortunate creature, it was heavily wounded and fighting for its life against some large, powerful, strangely mutated goblins, one of which was using a very wicked bow. This encounter was fun but due to time constraints was cut short before it was concluded. (real life sucks sometimes)

I will recap what happened afterwards next time.