Escort Duty – Part 1

So, it was finally time to escort the noble named Aldern Foxglove home. In typical form, they received a notification late in the day that he intended to start the final trek home early the next morning. The characters ran about town as best they could to secure provisions for the journey. Those who did not have horses purchased them, and they met their employer in the morning along with the wagon driver Gherart, and two others they had seen around town but did not really know; Gyiurn Hars, a local ruffian and sell-sword and Haid Beerbelly, an outlandishly flamboyant Gnome bard with a penchant for pranks and the occasional dour mood swings. (OOC- I had made a comment she was known for her ‘biting wit’ but no one caught it later)

Not long after they left Dawnpoint for the trek along the coast north towards Sembia and the Brinethorn Marsh, their charge started to whine it was taking too long when they had to stop to tend one of the wagon horses. Aldern had decided he wanted to ride through a field of flowers rather than the road and the horse took a mis-step and injured its hoof. As they were back on the road an hour later, he was demanding they slow to soak in the sites, with the wild highlands to the west and the edges of the poisonous Brinethorn Marsh directly east. It was about this time they reached a curve in the road with a shaded copse of trees off to the left and a granite outcropping to the right. Startled birds launched into the sky from the stand of trees, and when they paused to investigate, slipping towards the treeline, Haid showed her true colors in that moment, knocking the driver from the wagon and quickly slitting the throat of the bodyguard Gyiurn. Haid let fall her disguise and revealed herself to be a serpentfolk sorceress just as a Manticore burst from the woodline to attack. Thorvalric the rogue left the beast to Ehlahadriel and Morga as he closed the gap on Haid, who was on top of the wagon hissing threats of revenge. They never found out if the attack was targeted at them, or their noble charge. Through furious battle, they were able to defeat first Haid with a series of timely strikes while avoiding her spells before focusing on the vicious Manticore attacking them with spikes and claws.

During the skirmish, the wagon went uncontrolled for a time before careening onto its side down a slight slope, tossing Aldern around more than a little and damaging his precious ‘carriage’. After righting the wagon they found poor Gherart crushed during the encounter. They agreed to bury the dead driver and bodyguard before continuing the sudden somber ride. The day had started to darken not only because of incidents happening, but the threat of weather changing was starting to begin. To be continued……

This is not one of my normal posts, but I wanted to recap what had happened the last month or so since my last update. There is more to tell, but that will come in parts two and three.

Quote of the week – “Can we gag him?”


One comment on “Escort Duty – Part 1

  1. M says:

    Yay! =D It’s fun to relive it in your words!

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