Catching up

I have not posted anything in a while, but I wanted to take a moment and give a brief recap of events since June.

After the aforementioned sessions, they decided to investigate a nearby island for hints about the mystery surrounding Dawnpoint. In their search they discovered, beneath a burnt out hut, a series of caverns which lead deep into the ground before bursting into some ancient ruins with unspeakable horrors within. They encountered an aspect of a demi-god in the form of a hideous avian man creature as well as the ghost of an insane serial killer. They also discovered the remains of a victim of that killer and returned the fragile bones to his father for proper burial. This was a creepy session. It was a touch on the gory side.

To change the pace a little, the next adventure was the PCs being asked to investigate yet another goblin attack involving the niece of a local sage. What they discovered were more ancient, rune covered ruins where they were challenged by goblins, a goblin snake sorceress, ancient traps, a living statue (Caryatid Column), some serpent folk and finally a once friendly archaeologist beset by an ancient curse. They rescued the young lass and plundered (gently) an ancient library.

When we get a chance to play again, they get to enjoy the company of their favorite noble as they finally complete their initial contract to escort him to his estate…. they hope. *evil DM smile*