I have awesome players

I do. I have three great roleplayers. Our last session was our normal 2-3(ish) hours long. In that time I think we did some perception or knowledge checks but most of the time, the dice were not touched. They were in full character just having fun in my town of Dawnpoint. They were asking questions, investigating issues, going to visit some local color in the form of arguing sages and librarian types and the token hippy druid academic with dreads/braids. It was awesome. As were they. We laughed and it was a lot of fun. Every time we play, it (the world) comes more to life.

From my notes I have dropped hints to 9 distinct possible plot lines. I have adventure prep done on five of them. It is like crappy fishing with a multi-line rig. I am curious to see which one they bite at. If they stay true to form it will be from a plotline I had yet to conceive of.

I can’t wait to game again. My players make me enjoy DMing more and more every session.


4 comments on “I have awesome players

  1. M says:

    And our DM makes us enjoy gaming more and more each session! =D

  2. Agreed! I never imagined that a whole session without fighting or rolling dice could be so FUN! Very grateful for how this group has let me open up and explore the game, and roleplaying in general. Can’t wait till next week!

  3. M says:

    ***waiting*** 🙂

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