Resuming Play

It has been a while since we played, and while I had everything done I needed, I still spent time updating character sheets and noting equipment etcetera. It really drove home to me how much I prefer the 5E/D&DNext ruleset over Pathfinder. It really harkens back to my style of play in regards to making notes, as well as adventure design. I really miss the days of writing some lines on graph paper, and on the side writing “8 Skels, heal pot, 17gp” and that was all I needed. While this approach can be done with Pathfinder adventure design, it makes for a lot of work at the table.

Anywoot, I am looking forward to dusting off the dice and having a fun night of Goblin killing to start the week.


One comment on “Resuming Play

  1. M says:

    . . . don’t forget the severely twisted fallen angel!

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