Short Hiatus

We are skipping our game session this week, and probably next week so real life can strut around a bit and not feel ignored, and as such there are no map or game updates. The last session we played found the players becoming more deeply entrenched in the title of “Hero” as they saved a little boy from a horrible death and they went scouting the wilderness with a newfound companion and ran into not only more goblins, but two chest thumping Ogres. This encounter was designed to really push the limits of the party and it really succeeded. It was a very fun, very challenging encounter. They thought for sure they would perish.

Moving forward the game lurches more into the wilds of my imagination and less with the borrowing of other ideas from Rise of the Runelords. I plan to visit many environs over the next few months to get a feel for what my players like best. They are too low to planehop or risk truly volatile environments like lava tunnels, but I will mix it up somehow. Maybe they are due for a little Huck & Tom action by raft. Time will tell.

Also of note, well for me anyways, is the fact I can’t seem to leave my Dawnpoint map alone. With the discovery of some open licence buildings from rpgmapmaker on the website, I will be giving my map a facelift in the upcoming weeks to be more along the lines of what I envisioned instead of what I settled for due to software and knowledge limitations.

Oh ya, one minor detail. DIABLO III is live… and Ravenbow the Barbarian is pounding demons like a Volgen!!! Yay!

Have a great week,


2 comments on “Short Hiatus

  1. M says:

    =D Was the third Ogre a mirage?

    Lava tunnels? Oooh! I want some volcanic glass!

    LOVE watching your Dawnpoint map evolve ever-closer to the Dawnpoint of your imaginings!

  2. M says:

    Counting down to resuming play tomorrow (today)!

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