Interrupted! The festival to officially consecrate and dedicate the new Dawnpoint Cathedral was interrupted by a large scale, coordinated attack by Goblins!

As citizens ran seeking safety, a few courageous members of the watch, the town sheriff , and an intrepid band of adventurers; who just happened to be in Dawnpoint awaiting departure for the final leg of their trek to escort none other than Aldern Foxclove to his stately manor far to the northeast, helped to save the town from serious destruction. Sadly four citizens did die as a result of the attack, but the body count of Goblins was over 120, including Chief VileTusk and his Whip wielding mate. In addition there were a number of horses killed and two stables and four homes in town are a complete loss. Tagris Vharti, one of the stables owners is quoted as saying “By the gods my next stable will be stone and steel!”

The visiting heroes have been identified as the mighty Volgen Warrioress Morga, a half-elf who gave his name only as “Thor to you“, and the beautiful follower of Erastil and purported gifted of Selune; Ehla.

Dawnpoint citizens owe much to these champions and news of a feast in their honor has begun to spread. Zhaleen L’Kos, owner of the popular Ash & Oak Inn will surely be involved as she has taken a liking to the newest adventurers to grace her inn.

Alders Machen – The Dawnpoint Pilot


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