Campaign resumes

Our new campaign resumes this weekend after a brief hiatus due to real life. This prompted me to come up with ideas for posts on my game and general thoughts on gaming. I can’t leak too much of what is coming as some of my players read this too.


What I can talk about is the customization of our home base. Originally it started as Sandpoint, but it was lacking for my needs. Nothing against the work of Paizo at all. It prompted a flood of ideas. I just needed to change up some things to better fit the flow of what I hope to be a wonderful story for my players.

Here is the start of those changes. I never cared for the shape of the cathedral, and I wanted more of a protected harbor, so I expanded the dock area, created a peninsula with a navy citadel on top to help enhance the story, grew the town south of the river, added dockworks, and I rotated and moved Chopper’s isle Northwest from its published position. I am completely replacing the buildings in town but I am not done so I just edited out my draftwork for this demo. The color scheme will change as well.

I have to give credit to Cinchbug of Ross Lucci Studios for the template image I used to start this process. He posted it on the Cartographers Guild website (of which I am an addict). When complete it will look nothing like his. I will be applying textures and shading filters to the buildings, the roofs and foliage.

Dawnpoint is presented in a visual demo below but first a little backstory. I will keep it brief.

Dawnpoint sits on the northern coast of the Lake of Dragons. The coastline and area is utilizing the map of Cormyr as a base, and Dawnpoint is located where Dawngleam is noted on Forgotten Realms maps. Dawnpoint has had trouble recently and has come under the watchful eye of the Cormyrian crown. While not officially annexed yet, Cormyr has adopted the small port as an eastern Naval hub of sorts. They expanded the docks, build a drydock and naval fortifications and appear to be here to stay. This has begun to benefit Dawnpoint with a surge in the economy and increased trade.

That’s all for now. Have a great weekend.



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