A sad day

The inspiration for this blog has been asked by Paizo to change his fan created stuff to the point of becoming too daunting of a task and has thus decided to pull it altogether.

You can find EdoWars blog at http://edowarsblog.wordpress.com

I have an especially heavy heart as I believe I am the reason this transpired.

Explanation- There was a post on the Paizo forums that presented a beautiful fan created class write up. It was stunning and looked like it was designed to be part of the Beginner Box’s Heroes Handbook. The main problem was it looked exactly like the BB HH classes. It utilized paizo art, borders, the exact color scheme, etc. I made a friendly comment on while pretty it was a blatant copyright infringement and should be rethought.

He called me a nazi for this.

I responded saying I was trying to help and posted a link to the Community Use area of the site. Paizo saw this and cracked down fast removing all links to the material and his post attacking me. They also removed mine (not sure why. I was just trying to help them).

Regardless, they pulled it then began culling other fan content in the BB area. This included Ed’s wonderful creations without which I would have finally walked away from the Paizo money machine and most likely stopped roleplaying altogether until 5e came out if it interested me.

Farewell fan inspired creations. It is a sad day.


5 comments on “A sad day

  1. edowar says:

    Well, I hope this doesn’t discourage you from playing the BB, if it’s what you like. Paizo’s just protecting their IP, and I don’t blame them for that, though it’d be nice if they could find a way to make it a little easier for people who make fan content for their games without having to jump through so many legal hoops.

    Anyways, keep on gaming. Cheers.


  2. ravenbow says:

    What is left that we play only has a passing resemblance to the BB to be honest. I have rewrote and redesigned every class and race and it is used only for spells, equipment, combat rule clarification and charts etc.

    I have used your templates to replicate every spell and feat for ease of copy pasting into my documents, and am most of the way through adding addition spells as I introduce them (druid spells mainly). I was going to compile it all and post it freely for anyone to use. This new stance just means that while I will continue to create use and modify for my games, I just will not share them in an open forum (ie-the interwebs).

    My current project is reworking Sandpoint to my use. The end state being a town that looks nothing like Sandpoint other than a town on the coast at the mouth of a river. I am in fact using a geographically similar real life town as my inspiration; Brookings Oregon on the mouth of the Chetco. It even has a “Chopper’s Isle” but it is known as sheep isle locally in Harris Beach State Park with Chetco point being the location of a defunct lighthouse.

  3. M says:

    . . . perhaps you could turn it all into a joke and repost it, protected under parody laws 🙂

  4. Tiorn says:

    Its all good now, I think. Ed has added, what is hoped to be, the correct copyright notices to some of the documents and made them available again in a compiled PDF and RTF. No more individual files for each class, although he might do that again over time. He has also added his site to Paizo’s Community Use Policy registry. It may not be up to Paizo’s standards (fingers crossed that it is), but if its not, they will certainly say so soon enough. Download and rejoice!!

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