Tavern Map

Also, for an encounter coming down the pipeline I needed a custom tavern map. Here is something I was able to throw together in Dundjinni.


I made this one intentionally smaller.


3 comments on “Tavern Map

  1. edowar says:

    Okay, I gotta say those Dundjinni maps look amazing. Now I wonder why I didn’t like it so much before, lol.

    -Ed Green

    • ravenbow says:

      The cathedral map was just thrown together. I worked a bit on the tavern one.

      With fan created additions I really, really like Dundjinni

    • M says:

      You should see some of the stuff this guy cranks out of Dundjinni! His layering techniques and the dressing detail he includes are amazing. Keep harping on him to post more . . . trust me, you’ll love what you see!

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