Maps in Dundjinni

I love maps. I stop and look at every one I pass. From simple maps on the backs of menu’s to spending hours on google earth to… you get the point.


Recently I rediscovered Dundjinni as I prep for my blooming campaign. Note I did not say rediscovered my “love” for Dundjinni. It is starting to show its age and I have so many PNGs from various sources if I were to take a month vacation to do just maps, I couldn’t get half of them sorted. It is a project I have been doing on and off for years. Literally. I was sorting floor and wall tiles, trees, etc back in 2007 and I am still doing it.

The campaign I am building is meant to wow my players. Michael Bay meets Tolkien sitting next to Orson Scott Card. Every session I do ‘something’ to excite, or scare, or to draw forth oohs and ahhs, and I have to admit, a few gag reflexes tested; whether it be new minis, outrageous npc improv, very horrific verbal descriptions, or… Maps. Lovely lovely maps.

As much as I love making my own, it is daunting and time consuming. About 50% of my campaign through 5th is done. Of that about 60% is prefab from either flipmats, map maps, pdfs, Dungeons & Dragons Tilesets, etc. The rest I make with either Dundjinni or (someday) Hirst Arts bricks. (noted for further tangent).

Currently I am working to stitch together my Frankensteins Monster of a campaign. I say this because it is part Rise of the Rune Lords, part Tearing of the Weave, a heavy dose of my homebrew campaign world, and fingers and ribs of PDFs, free adventurers, and Pathfinder Society scenarios but every part of it rewritten at least partially.

*deep breath*

Those who know me can attest I digress. A LOT.

Maps.I hope to spend time over this upcoming weekend doing two needed maps. One is a street scene market fight. This will take time but will be relatively easy. The one I am dreading is my hatchet job on Thistletop. I just can’t seem to find the right art. Part of the reason for this post was to just breath and not think about it, even for a little bit. It is my intent to post my finished products here or a link to them if I use rpgmapshare or deviantart.

Anyway, Happy Friday!!!